Importance of SMTP in Email Communication

Information and communication technology and computer technology are two technologies of the modern time that have revolutionized not just the doing of businesses but also other economic activities. They two technologies are widely accepted and utilized by almost all the businesses, institutions, organizations and individuals in their day to day operations. As the computer and information and communication technologies are developing and evolving, various modes of communications have emerged over the years. One of such modes of communications is the email communication especially when it comes to the use of email in marketing. Email today is regarded as one of the most effective means of communication and marketing tools used by many businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals. The reason why email communication mode has become widely accepted means of communication is because of its ability to transfer messages from one server to another within a twinkle of an eye. Messages are sent instantly via emails.

SMTP which is an acronym for simple mail transfer protocol is an essential part of email technology. Email technology will not work without SMTP. You will appreciate the importance of SMTP if you understand the function of SMTP in the sending of emails. SMTP performs two unique functions in the sending of emails. The first function of SMTP is to verify the sender’s computer configuration and provides permission for the process. The second function of SMTP is to transfer or relay message from the sender to the server of the recipient. It also oversees the delivery of the email. When it is not possible for the email to be delivered, the email will be returned to the sender as failed delivery. The improvements witnessed in the internet technology have made it possible for images and files to be sent the same time. An improved version of SMTP has been developed. It is called extended simple mail transfer protocol abbreviated as ESMTP. Note that SMTP does not pull emails from servers. The protocol that does that is POP.

Many businesses today engage in email marketing. Email marketing cannot be possible without SMTP. Normally, there is a limit to the number of emails that you are allowed to send in a day if you are using an ordinary email services such as Yahoomail, Gmail, Hotmail and others. Once the limit is reached in a particular day, every other email sent on that day will be taken as spammers. This means that businesses using email marketing cannot get to a lot of people on the same day. This will defeat the aim of email marketing. Besides, if they keep exceeding the number of emails that are allowed on daily basis, they will be blacklisted as their IP address will become notorious or earn a bad reputation. But a business can avoid all these problems by installing SMTP server. With such a server, thousands of emails can be sent at a time. There is no restriction to the number of emails that can be sent. Users are given multiple IP addresses which they can use to send thousands of emails on daily basis. With SMTP, businesses will not experience any limitations in their email marketing.

Today, SMTPs can be installed on laptops, smart phones and desktop computers.